Monday, November 26, 2007

Open minded employers. A refreshing change.

Two weeks ago I was invited to join Terry Walsh, CEO, Cisco Canada in a one-on-one fireside chat about top employment practices and what it takes to be a top employer. The funny thing is that CISCO Canada is a top employer! They were among our six 2007 featured employers who were awarded this year as Employers who Walk the Talk. CISCO was specifically acknowledged for excellence in their family friendly practices.

This fireside chat on Nov. 15th was broadcasted live across Canada to all Cisco employees. Terry specifically asked me not to sing their praises but instead, to share with them what we have learned from other top employers and how they can improve. This open mindedness surely has a lot to do with why they ended up in the top six for the second year running. I was truly impressed with Cisco's spirited, family friendly culture. I enjoyed being there and have found their engagement to be refreshing and inspiring. Thanks Cisco!

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