Monday, September 17, 2007

Why do we love to hate strong, smart women?

Belinda Stronach and Hilary Clinton. Okay, many wouldn't put both of these women in the same sentence but they do hold a few things in common. They are strong, high profile women (in and out of politics) that many women love to hate. We have so few women who rise to the very top-- but often when they get there, we sabotage their success.

Take this weekend's spotlight on Camille Paglia, another pop culture contrarian who I enjoy, in conversation with Margaret Wente on Hilary Clinton . In this article, amongst other observations, Camille notes that Hilary "doesn't possess core values". While I love a devils advocate, isn't this going a little far?

And what about other fallen female CEO's like Carly Fiorina or Eleanor Clitheroe, left to sweep up the residue from their very public corporate exits. Who takes responsibility for the long lasting effects these negative "stories" have on their personal and professional reputations?

Who is celebrating and supporting the success of these brave women who are breaking through barriers and making a difference?

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lora clack said...

I think this is such great information. I have a very small magazine called lodi and it's about empowering and educating mostly women and it's socially consciouis. I would love to put this and possible more excerpts from Catherine in it, how can I get permissiion?

Catharine said...

Hi, Lora! Feel free to use any of my blog entries for your magazine. It sounds very interesting.

Please keep in touch and let us know when the magazine is out!