Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Find Your Favourites Faster with RSS and Social Aggregators

So you have finally figured out how to build your social networks online and are starting to tap into the ways of the web for research, but do you find it difficult or tiresome to keep track of your social networking accounts and other content feeds? Here are some services that will keep you connected to all of your online favourites quickly and easily.

FriendFeed merges content from your existing social networking accounts into a single feed. Its clean layout and simple functionality allows users to access their bookmarked news articles, recent blog posts, video, and other content from sites such as Digg and YouTube on a single page – perfect for the media junkie on a tight schedule.

A similar service comes from Yahoo! Pipes giving users the ability to manipulate and merge content from multiple RSS feeds into a single feed. Ideal for organizing content from multiple news sources or blogs, Yahoo! Pipes offers a number of interactive features including feed customization, web badges, and geo-coding to display content sources on an interactive map. Go ahead and get organized online.

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Alina Popescu said...

I've been trying to search some FriendFeed articles and got here :) I've read about a dozen and I still don't really get the hype around this service. I've heard of it so much, I thought I should check out the features and then create an account. But it does not offer anything new. i have most of that in my ScondBrain.com account, but I also have a smart tagging and collection organizing system.

Is there anything in friendfeed that you think compared to that? For me at least, the purpose is not to just monitor tons of online content from friends. it's also to easily find older submissions of mine or what they have to say on a subject of choice.

Brian Mota said...

There are a few choices out there. The same functionality has been added to a good number of services (BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, etc.). The major differences from my perspective are design and functionality.

Second Brain and FriendFeed are identical in many respects, but small differences can mean a lot in terms of what users are looking for. Second Brain appears to have an advantage in promoting community building, especially with their user listings. FriendFeed, on the other hand, has a very clean design that some users may find attractive.