Thursday, September 04, 2008

Are top women slipping through the cracks?

I was forwarded an article from BBC News today called, Women 'lose out' in top jobs race which highlights the decline of women in top positions across UK organizations. Gender inequality in the workplace is not a groundbreaking idea, but the fact we are losing women in these positions is. I mean, I thought companies were we making positive changes to help women achieve their career goals. So what has been the impetus behind the sliding female executive numbers?

According to the EHRC (the Equality and Human Rights Commission) annual study, “it blames Britain’s business culture of long working days and inflexible working practices for discouraging women who want to both work and raise a family.” This has always been an issue with women so why would it cause a shift in the workplace now? Also if this decline has occurred in Britain, are we to expect a similar trend in North America?

I often hear in the news about women US CEOs like Patricia Russo from Alcatel-Lucent who are ousted out of their positions, or others being shifted from one company to the next. Between Britain and North America, women are getting to the top but it seems to be a struggle to stay there.

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