Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do you wear your personal brand?

If your personal brand at the office was defined by fashion, what would you wear?

Do you ever think twice about what you will wear to work. Have you ever found yourself wanting to put on something more expressive but decided against it for fear of coming across of as unprofessional or for being judged? Do the new laws for personal branding in the workplace extend to fashion?

In the corporate world, dress down Friday’s was the closest that we got to bending the rules, but we are now moving back into skirt suits and ties to round out our week. If we were all to express ourselves through our personal fashion, what would the workplace look like?

How would expressing yourself through fashion help or hurt you? Would you dawn a Mohawk, a temporary tattoo or put on a colour to break up the black for the first time? Would you appear more interesting, generally boring or a little too out there? Where do our professional boundaries live today? How can employees express themselves in the workplace and in social and professional media in a way that is appropriate and authentic, all at the same time?

I have often said that a professional networking event would be so much more seamless if we were able to wear a nametag which said our name, what we did and gave a hint on what we wanted to talk about. We all need a little help in cutting through the social niceties. Fashion Friday’s would be a type of professional lubrication so to speak.

So, let's hear it for Fashion Friday's! The latest personal brand expression.

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