Sunday, October 25, 2009

Work and Love in the videoBIO Studio

Motivatorman gets motivated to do two, back-to-back videoBIO’s
Can you imagine coming into a videoBIO studio prepared to shoot not one video but two! Well, this was the case for the motivated Emmanuel Lopez, expert Motivational Specialist, otherwise known as his work and online dating alias.... ‘Motivatorman’.

Emmanuel was our first ever LavaLife-Professional ‘back-to-back’ client and was he ever terrific. We were so impressed with Emmanuel that we asked him to share his experience with us about what it was like to go from pitching the ideal client to the ideal soul mate!

1. How would you describe your videoBIO experience?

My videoBIO experience was both fun and eye-opening for me in how to tell a clear, compelling story. The whole process from writing the script and getting "coached" by Laurinda (my videoBIO producer) before and during the shoot was very enjoyable. I loved how I was always reminded that "I was always in control" of the process. I never felt rushed.

2. What did it bring up for you? What did you learn about yourself?

The process helped me define what I really wanted to say to the world both in my personal and professional worlds. When it came down to doing the video shoot I learned that there was definitely a difference when I spoke from my heart rather than my head. Laurinda helped guide me to speak authentically from my heart in both videos.

3. As our first client shooting a personal and professional videoBIO back to back, what was it like to shift gears and move from one to the other?

At first it was a challenge to keep my thoughts separate although working on the two scripts helped in a big way. Then I just needed to focus on being myself and staying relaxed for each shoot. Wearing a different set of clothes for each video definitely helped me to focus.

4. What common points did you find came together in your work and life story?

Common points that came together in my work and life story were how important expressing my passions were. Helping professionals find passion in their career or business is my purpose in life so I naturally have to be a living example of this at all times. The videoBIO experience helped me learn how to maintain a "heartfelt" energy in front of a camera.

To learn more about Motivatorman and his motivational services visit or watch his videoBIO

To meet Emmanuel, find him on or watch his videoBIO here
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