Friday, November 06, 2009

Ok, I'm on facebook, linkedin, twitter, foursquare, youtube...

by Laurinda Shaver

What is your social media strategy? Quantity or Quality?

So many people are in a rush to get there name out there. Have you done this? Sign up for every new service that appears. Play with it for a bit. Maybe even figure out how it could be useful for your purpose or business. You want your name, your business, and your services to be in as many places as possible. Quantity is key. To be seen. Everywhere.

But then you find that you have signed up for 20 things. And each one demands time, attention and maybe even a strategy as to how you want to present yourself. You find that you don't have the time. So, you abandon one. Then another and before you know it, there are over 15 places online where your presence is incomplete. Now these places are not current and certainly not a good representation of you.

What is more important? To be seen everywhere OR to be seen in less places, but have quality content.

So lets weigh the options. If online branding is about building relationships, what is more valuable?
1) You meet someone. Find something of value. Exchange info. Then never follow up.
2) You meet someone. Find something of value. Exchange info. Then return again and again to nurture the relationship and actually get the value.

Who do you want to be?

Know anyone who is doing it right? I would love to hear about it. Please share it in the comments.

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